Student life

Getting out and about

Alongside ready access to 350 acres of beautiful countryside at our Holton Lee wellbeing and enterprise campus, we believe it’s vital to foster links with the local community so our learners can enjoy local recreational activities, take part in support groups and explore local organisations.

Learning Spaces

Personal – Encouraging independence, students have the chance to personalise their learning spaces with items such as lighting options, plants, stickers, stationery, specific seating, and more.

Informal – Encouraging community, our informal learning spaces include vibrant, comfortable and positive environments for socialising and learning.

Formal – Encouraging accredited work, our formal learning spaces provide thoughtful and well-designed spaces which set the expectation for active and collaborative learning.

Outdoor – Encouraging wellbeing, our outdoor classrooms include woodland, garden and greenhouse learning spaces. Immersed in nature and providing a multi-sensory experience, these spaces will enable thinking and practical skills while motivating independence.

Having fun

Student voice is essential to our work; students tell us what they enjoy doing and we support them in building skills and creating opportunities for motivating, purposeful activities, all with the goal to build confidence and independence.


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