Our approach

Our college will enable access to individual lifelong learning pathways for our three cohorts ensuring choice, independence and aspiration for each of them. As we work collaboratively with the local authority providing specialist provision and develop partnerships with local organisations and businesses, we will increase pathways for positive relationships and interactions enhancing the future lives of our learners. We encourage hope and motivation for the future, secure connections within the community and wellbeing for all of our learners.

Curriculum overview

Livability Millie College is able to cater for a wide range of student needs in regard to Autistic Spectrum Condition, learning difficulties and physical disabilities. Our features of success will be measured through our learner’s personal learning journey, their independence, choice and control, built on the foundation of emotional health and wellbeing.

Personal development

Personal development and wellbeing; developing independence and resilience

Functional life skills

Skills for life, literacy and numeracy and applying these to daily life and in the local community.

Community links

fostering links with the local community recreational activities, support groups and local organisations for the learners to explore.

Enterprise and the world of work

Focusing on future life activities that have purpose and meaning to the individual, building job opportunities with local businesses, including placements and employment i.e. job coaching, job sharing or volunteering

Livability Millie College aims to equip students with learning opportunities that support independence and builds resilience.

We focus on helping people aged from 16 to 25+ and would love to hear from you if you’d like to register your interest in the college.