Future Pathways

Our Future Pathways programme integrates Transitions, Enrichment, Education and Enterprise, to offer bespoke opportunities within the wider community, based on the individual’s

By utilising our strong local connections, we equip students with the foundations to build their future.

The Future Pathways Programme explores opportunities based on skills gained through enterprise activities and the interests of the individual student.
Over the 2-3+ year programme students will have access to opportunities both on and off site to build everyday life skills, which can be transferable in a work setting, self-employment, volunteering, apprenticeships and further education.

Our 2-3+ year programmes are supported by robust accreditation through NOCN and enable a future pathway to lifelong learning through the college.

For those students who would benefit from more time on the Holton Lee site, we offer a Post-25 provision to enable further growth and learning to meet future aspirations.

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