Curriculum – Draft

The curriculum is reviewed constantly by the staff team. They will review access and progress in relation to the curriculum offer at the end of the College day and ensure that students are on task and amend planning accordingly.

The leadership team will assess and evaluate the success of the curriculum by regular learning walks and observations, backed by data and other performance related criteria, such as behaviour and access through communication.

Termly, the class, the staff and the students will be reviewed by a wider team. This will look at observations from staff, leadership, therapies and any other stakeholders. The aim is to have a positive dialogue, which challenges outcomes and looks to provide creative and solution focussed opportunities to improve the provision. The curriculum is owned by the class team and they should therefore be held to account for its delivery and outcomes, ensuring modifications are made if necessary.

Students’ termly objectives (as part of the annual target), are assessed at the end of each term, to show progress in relation to the 5 point assessment scale, ranging from Baseline – Emerging – Developing – Secure – Mastery . Amendments can be made at these internal review meetings. Milestones for core skill areas will be used to assess termly progress against set targets, as highlighted in the student’s EHCP.

Staff will then have termly supervision sessions to ensure everyone understands their roles and can be challenged when things are not working. Therefore, improving the team ethos of each class; providing the best outcomes for all students. Performance management further reinforces these outcomes end ensures that personal targets are linked to continuous college development and improvement.

Student reviews will take place annually at agreed times. First year students in November of their first term and year 3 and 4 students in the January/ February of their final year, to ensure preparations are in place for their onward transition and destinations. Second year student reviews will be held in February/ March of their second year.


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